July 13, 2024

Emirates Elevates Ramadan Travel Experience Special Onboard Meals

Emirates is embracing the sacred occasion of Ramadan with a heartfelt commitment to its passengers. As the Holy Month approaches, the airline is set to extend its warm hospitality to fasting travelers, ensuring their journey is not only comfortable but also spiritually fulfilling.

In a beautiful display of unity and generosity, Emirates will be distributing thousands of meal boxes to fasting passengers both on board and at boarding gates. These specially curated boxes will contain essential items to help break the fast, including water, laban, bananas, and dates, symbolizing the traditional customs of Ramadan.

Furthermore, passengers can indulge in a culinary journey inspired by the rich flavors of Arabic cuisine. In the Emirates lounges at Dubai International Airport, an array of traditional Arabic sweets, dates, and coffee will be served, setting the stage for a memorable Ramadan experience. Meanwhile, the First and Business Class lounges will offer a delectable selection of hot and cold Arabic mezze, hearty lentil soup, and tantalizing main courses such as Arabic mixed grill and chicken kabsa. To satisfy the sweet tooth, an assortment of desserts including kunafa pistachio cream and basboussa saffron will be available, ensuring every palate is catered to during this auspicious time.

On board, Emirates will continue its tradition of excellence by offering Ramadan meal boxes to passengers breaking their fast. These nutritionally balanced boxes, adorned with designs inspired by the Al Sadu weavers, will feature a delightful assortment of dishes ranging from hummus with spinach to Moroccan chicken sandwiches, along with traditional dates and refreshing laban. This thoughtful gesture exemplifies the airline’s dedication to honoring the customs and traditions of its passengers.

In addition to culinary delights, Emirates is committed to providing spiritual nourishment during Ramadan. Passengers can enjoy a selection of religious content and popular TV series on ice, the airline’s award-winning entertainment system. From special programs like Rehlet Hayat to popular Turkish series dubbed in Arabic, there’s something for everyone to enjoy as they journey through the Holy Month.

Emirates’ support for its passengers extends beyond mere gestures; it encompasses a deep understanding of the cultural significance of Ramadan. Through Ramadan awareness training for its cabin crew and ground teams, the airline ensures that its staff are well-equipped to provide exceptional service and support throughout the journey.

As travelers embark on their spiritual journey during Ramadan, Emirates stands ready to accompany them every step of the way, embodying the spirit of unity, generosity, and compassion that defines this sacred time.

Source: https://www.emirates.com/media-centre/

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