July 13, 2024

Emirates Clinches Prestigious Best Inflight Entertainment Award for 2024

In a resounding victory, Emirates has secured the highly coveted Best Inflight Entertainment Award in the Airline Ratings 2024 Airline Excellence Awards, lauded for its exceptional ICE system.

Emirates has been at the forefront of inflight entertainment innovation, pioneering seat-back videos for economy-class passengers nearly three decades ago. With its cutting-edge ICE system boasting a staggering 6,500 channels, Emirates has maintained its leadership position in the industry.

Passengers aboard Emirates flights are treated to an unparalleled entertainment experience, featuring a vast library that includes over 45 Academy Award® winning films, a staggering 5,000 channels of on-demand entertainment, more than 1,500 movies, 1,500 hours of TV programming, and an extensive selection of music, podcasts, and audiobooks spanning 40 languages. Additionally, Emirates offers five channels of live TV, delivering up-to-the-minute news from BBC, CNN, Sky News Arabia, and two dedicated channels for live sports coverage – Sport 24 and Sport 24 Extra.

Photo Source: https://www.emirates.com/

Emirates also offers passengers the convenience of curating their inflight entertainment experience in advance through the Emirates app. This allows travelers to pre-select their preferred movies or TV shows, which are seamlessly synced to their ICE system upon boarding, ensuring a personalized and hassle-free journey.

Geoffrey Thomas, Editor-in-Chief of Airlineratings.com, commended Emirates’ ICE system as a clear standout, stating, “Our editors unanimously praised Emirates ICE system as a step above.”

Emirates’ inflight entertainment platform caters to diverse preferences, with documentaries, action, thrillers, and comedies emerging as the most-viewed genres. The airline regularly updates its extensive content library, introducing hundreds of new movies, TV shows, podcasts, and music channels each month to keep passengers entertained throughout their journey.

In a departure from tradition, the Airline Excellence Awards will unveil winning categories weekly over eight weeks, leading up to the announcement of Airline Of The Year 2024 and the Top Twenty 2024 airlines on April 30th. Last week, Virgin Australia Regional Airlines was recognized as the 2024 Regional Airline of The Year, with the announcement of the Best Cabin Crew scheduled for March 26th.

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