July 13, 2024

Embraer Explores Civil Air Cargo Opportunities for C-390 Tactical Transport

Embraer, the renowned Brazilian airframer, is venturing into the realm of air cargo with a strategic partnership aimed at exploring the potential of its C-390 Millennium military transport and E-Jet passenger aircraft for freight operations.

Embraer is seeking to expand civil air-cargo opportunities for its C-390 military transport (left) and converted E-Jet freighters. photo source: Embraer

Announced on April 9th, Embraer has joined forces with Brazil’s state-controlled postal corporation, Correios, to conduct a comprehensive study on the suitability of the E190F, E195F, and C-390 for cargo transportation. The collaboration, revealed at the FIDAE aerospace defence expo in Santiago, Chile, aims to enhance Correios’ efficiency in air transport while reducing operational costs compared to other modes.

Embraer is already underway with its contract to convert up to 20 E190s and E195s into freighters, designated as the E190F and E195F respectively. The company recently completed the maiden test flight of an E190F, marking a significant milestone in its freighter conversion program. The successful evaluation flight, conducted over Embraer’s home in Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo state, signifies the company’s progress towards delivering the converted aircraft. The US lessor Regional One is slated to receive the first modified freighter.

Meanwhile, the C-390, renowned for its military cargo and personnel transport capabilities, is also being considered for civil air transport applications. Already in service with the Brazilian and Portuguese air forces, with additional commitments from several European countries, the C-390 presents a promising option for civil air cargo operations. While the specifics of its potential conversion remain uncertain, Embraer’s exploration into adapting the C-390 for civilian use underscores the aircraft’s versatility and market potential.

Bosco da Costa Junior, CEO of Embraer Defense & Security, has expressed the company’s commitment to securing new sales of the C-390, highlighting its multifaceted capabilities. The collaboration with Correios further demonstrates Embraer’s strategic approach to expanding its market reach and addressing diverse customer needs.

For Correios, the partnership with Embraer presents an opportunity to modernize its air network and enhance logistical efficiency. As Brazil’s largest air-cargo operator, Correios aims to leverage Embraer’s expertise to optimize its service offerings and benefit the Brazilian population through improved logistics.

With Embraer’s renowned legacy in aviation and Correios’ extensive logistics network, the collaboration holds promise for driving innovation and delivering enhanced air cargo solutions in Brazil and beyond. As the partnership progresses, stakeholders anticipate the emergence of new opportunities and advancements in the air cargo sector, reaffirming Embraer’s commitment to shaping the future of aviation.

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