July 13, 2024

Monte Aircraft Leasing Partners with Natilus to Expand Low-Emission Cargo Aircraft Portfolio

Monte Aircraft Leasing, a prominent UK-based lessor, has entered into a strategic partnership with San Diego-based Natilus, adding the innovative Kona unmanned cargo aircraft to its portfolio.

photo source: Natilus

Kona stands out with its autonomous capabilities and blended-wing-body configuration, designed to revolutionize the cargo transport industry. Powered initially by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A turboprops, Kona will later offer ZeroAvia’s ZA600 hydrogen fuel cell powertrain, aligning with Monte’s commitment to environmentally friendly solutions.

With a projected range of 900 nautical miles (1,667 kilometers) and a payload capacity of 3.8 tons, Kona aims to redefine cargo transportation standards. Certification for the aircraft is anticipated in 2026, marking a significant milestone in Natilus’s mission to drive innovation in the aviation sector.

Aleksey Matyushev, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Natilus, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its role in making Kona aircraft more accessible to a broader customer base. Matyushev emphasized the collaboration’s contribution to advancing environmentally sustainable solutions in cargo transport.

Monte Aircraft Leasing has established itself as a key player in supporting next-generation and low-emission aviation technologies. The partnership with Natilus adds to its portfolio, which already includes agreements with leading innovators such as Ampaire, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Dovetail Electric Aviation, Eviation, and ZeroAvia.

The collaboration between Monte Aircraft Leasing and Natilus underscores the industry’s growing emphasis on environmentally responsible aviation solutions. As demand for sustainable transport options continues to rise, initiatives like the Kona unmanned cargo aircraft represent a significant step forward in achieving a greener aviation future.

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