July 13, 2024

AI Aviation Safety Platform Launched by Remark Holdings

Remark Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: MARK), a leading global technology company specializing in advanced AI-driven computer vision solutions, has unveiled its groundbreaking Large Multimodal Model (LMM) AI-Powered Aviation Safety Platform (ASP). Developed by Remark AI, this innovative platform aims to significantly improve aircraft engine maintenance inspections and provide anti-collision capabilities for aircraft towing, among other advanced features. The introduction of this platform is timely, given recent inspection oversights and supply chain challenges faced by Boeing and its clients, underscoring the urgent need for enhanced safety measures powered by AI.

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The ASP employs a sophisticated large multimodal model to deliver a comprehensive suite of services in three key areas: an engine inspection toolkit, an anti-collision system for aircraft towing, and a robust multimodal model for advanced business intelligence and reporting. AI Aviation Safety Platform Launched by Remark Holdings.

The Aero-engine Inspection Kit (AIK) swiftly identifies engine damage types, reducing inspection time to 30 minutes. Inspection reports with images are automatically generated, facilitating pre-flight checks.

Equipped with LIDAR technology, the Towing Anti-Collision System (TACS) warns towing operators of potential obstacles, providing live 3D visualizations and collision predictions.

The Aviation Industry Business Intelligence Reporter processes business data, providing actionable insights to enhance aviation operations.

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“The strength of our multimodal AI platform is underscored by the launch of Remark AI’s Railway and Aviation Safety Platforms. Our Safety Platform for Marine and Sea will soon be unveiled, completing our logistics offerings. Through our partnership with Microsoft, our applications will be offered through Azure Marketplace,” remarked Remark Holdings’ CEO, Kai-Shing Tao. With advanced features, Remark Holdings’ AI-Powered Aviation Safety Platform is poised to revolutionize aviation, enhancing safety, efficiency, and operational insights.

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