July 13, 2024

Sabre and Etihad Enhance Travel Booking with NDC Integration

Sabre Corporation has integrated Etihad Airways’ NDC content into its travel marketplace, offering agencies in Oman and Bahrain access to a wider range of booking options, with plans for further expansion.


Photo Source: Travel Daily Media

In a strategic move to enhance travel booking experiences, Sabre Corporation has integrated Etihad Airways’ New Distribution Capability (NDC) content into its global travel marketplace. This partnership expands Sabre’s footprint in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region, offering travel agencies access to a broader array of real-time content and booking options.

Initially, travel agencies in Oman and Bahrain will be the first to benefit, gaining the ability to seamlessly browse, book, and manage Etihad’s NDC offers. Future plans include expanding this capability to more regions.

Through Sabre’s innovative APIs, Sabre Red 360 booking application, and GetThere online booking tool, travel agencies and corporate buyers can access and compare Etihad’s NDC offers alongside traditional options. This integration facilitates personalized travel solutions, dynamic pricing, and enriched content, meeting the increasing demand for tailored travel experiences.

In addition to the immediate benefits for travel agencies in Oman and Bahrain, this integration represents a significant step forward in the evolution of travel technology. By incorporating Etihad Airways‘ NDC content, Sabre Corporation is not only providing a competitive edge to its partners but also setting a new standard for the travel industry’s future. The NDC offers enhanced capabilities such as personalized travel experiences, dynamic pricing models, and a richer selection of travel options, ensuring that agencies can cater to the unique preferences of each traveler.

Photo Source: Etihad Airways

Looking ahead, Sabre’s commitment to innovation and partnership with Etihad Airways underscores its dedication to transforming the travel landscape. As the integration extends to more regions, travel agencies worldwide will benefit from a seamless, efficient, and highly customizable booking process. This collaboration highlights the importance of adopting advanced technologies to meet the evolving demands of modern travelers and reinforces Sabre’s position as a leader in the global travel industry.

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