July 13, 2024

Embracing Ramadan: Dubai’s Generous Welcome for Visitors

Dubai is rolling out the red carpet for travelers stepping foot into the city during the sacred month of Ramadan. In a gesture of warmth and hospitality, immigration officers are now stamping passports with a special #RamadanInDubai emblem, setting the tone for a memorable visit.

Under the auspices of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), two remarkable initiatives have been launched to enrich the experience of visitors. Upon arrival, travelers are greeted with complimentary SIM cards courtesy of Du Telecom, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout their stay. Alongside this, a QR code offers instant access to Brand Dubai’s curated guide, ‘Ramadan Events in Dubai’, providing a comprehensive overview of the city’s vibrant offerings during this auspicious time.

The brainchild of Brand Dubai, the #RamadanInDubai campaign is a collaborative effort involving over 20 entities in Dubai, aimed at infusing the spirit of Ramadan across the city. Lieutenant General Mohammed Al Marri, Director General of GDRFA, expressed the significance of these initiatives, emphasizing their role in creating unforgettable experiences for visitors while bolstering Dubai’s stature as a premier global tourism destination.

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More than just facilitating communication and navigation, these initiatives symbolize Dubai’s unwavering commitment to hospitality and inclusivity. Lt. General Al Marri reiterated that such community-driven endeavors underscore Dubai’s identity as a beacon of innovation and creativity, resonating with its ethos of delivering exceptional services to all.

At the heart of these initiatives lies the ‘Ramadan Events in Dubai’ guide, meticulously crafted to offer insights into the myriad attractions and traditions awaiting visitors. From traditional festivities to family-friendly activities, the guide serves as a roadmap for an enriching experience during the Holy Month.

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Available in both English and Arabic, the interactive guide epitomizes Dubai’s dedication to embracing diversity and fostering a sense of shared celebration. Through the #RamadanInDubai campaign, the city aims not only to showcase its festive allure but also to celebrate its rich cultural heritage, inviting visitors to partake in authentic social traditions.

As visitors step into Dubai during Ramadan, they are not merely greeted with hospitality; they are embraced by the city’s vibrant spirit, creating memories that transcend borders and cultures.

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