July 13, 2024

EASA to Propose FAA Observation in Airbus Safety Audits

EASA to propose FAA observation in Airbus audits to enhance regulatory cooperation and safety oversight in response to recent Boeing crises.

An Alaska Airline Aircraft

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The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) plans to invite the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to observe its safety audits, including those for Airbus aircraft. Florian Guillermet, EASA’s newly appointed director, revealed this initiative on Tuesday during the Berlin Aviation Summit. Guillermet is scheduled to visit Washington next week to discuss the proposal with FAA officials.

Florian Guillermet, Director, EASA | Image Source: www.easa.europa.eu

This initiative aims to establish reciprocal observation privileges for EASA during FAA audits of Boeing aircraft, thereby enhancing the exchange of safety information between the two regulatory bodies. While joint audits are not on the table, this step marks a significant shift in regulatory practices following the recent safety issues at Boeing.

The collaborative approach underscores the impact of Boeing’s recent safety crises on global aviation oversight. In March, EASA had considered halting its indirect approval of Boeing production after a door panel incident on a 737 MAX 9 operated by Alaska Airlines. Guillermet acknowledged the FAA’s efforts to address these safety concerns, expressing confidence in their corrective measures.

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