July 13, 2024

Six Firms Pre-Qualified for PIA Privatization Bid

A consortium of six companies has been pre-qualified to participate in the privatization of Pakistan International Airlines, marking a significant step towards restructuring and transparency.


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A notable advancement has emerged in the continuous endeavors to privatize Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). A consortium of six companies has met the pre-qualification criteria to engage in the bidding process for the national carrier’s privatization. This progression is viewed as a pivotal stride in the government’s overarching agenda to rejuvenate financially struggling state-owned enterprises by privatization.

The decision to pre-qualify these companies was made during a meeting of the Privatisation Commission Board, which was chaired by Federal Privatization Minister Aleem Khan. During the meeting, Khan emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring a transparent, fair, and efficient privatization process. He stressed that privatizing PIA and other state-owned enterprises is vital for improving their performance and reducing the financial burden on the state.

In a bid to maintain complete transparency and foster public confidence in the process, Minister Khan proposed that the privatization proceedings be broadcast live on media platforms. This measure aims to reassure all stakeholders, including employees, investors, and the general public, about the integrity and fairness of the privatization process.

In related news, significant progress has been made in the restructuring of Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited (PIACL). Last month, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) approved a comprehensive restructuring plan. The SECP’s approval of the Scheme of Arrangement on May 3 marked the finalization of a complex and ambitious restructuring exercise. This scheme involves the legal segregation of PIACL’s non-core assets and liabilities, transferring them to a newly created entity, PIA Holding Company Limited.

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This restructuring is a collaborative effort involving the Privatisation Commission, the Finance Division, the Aviation Ministry, and PIA itself. The scheme, which has been effective since April 30, 2024, is designed to streamline PIA’s operations and make it more attractive to potential investors. The SECP has also directed the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), Central Depository Company, and National Clearing Company of Pakistan to ensure a smooth listing of PIA Holding Company Limited, in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

The restructuring and subsequent privatization of PIA represent a landmark moment in Pakistan’s economic reform agenda. By addressing the financial and operational inefficiencies of PIA, the government aims to transform it into a viable and competitive entity within the global aviation market. The inclusion of reputable companies in the privatization bid further underscores the potential for a successful turnaround of the national airline.

As the privatization process progresses, stakeholders and observers will be keenly watching how these developments unfold. The government’s commitment to transparency, coupled with strategic restructuring efforts, is expected to pave the way for a more efficient and profitable aviation sector in Pakistan. This initiative not only holds promise for the future of PIA but also sets a precedent for the privatization of other state-owned enterprises in the country.

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