July 13, 2024

Airbus Secures Major Wins in Japan and South Korea, Breaking Boeing’s Grip

In a significant turn of events, Airbus SE has emerged victorious in securing major orders from Japan and South Korea, traditionally strongholds of its arch-rival Boeing. These wins mark a strategic shift in these markets, signaling a departure from the longstanding dominance of Boeing.


Japan Airlines announced a substantial deal with Airbus, breaking away from Boeing’s exclusive hold as its sole single-aisle jet supplier. The agreement entails the purchase of 21 Airbus A350-900s and 11 A321neos, amounting to a multibillion-dollar investment. Meanwhile, Boeing secured a smaller contract, securing orders for 10 Boeing 787 widebody jets from the carrier.

Shortly thereafter, Korean Air Lines announced a monumental purchase of 33 Airbus A350 jets for a staggering $14 billion. This winner-takes-all contest dealt a significant blow to Boeing, leaving the American aerospace giant empty-handed in the fiercely competitive bidding process.

These commercial victories underscore Airbus’s growing influence in markets traditionally dominated by Boeing. The successes will not only bolster Airbus’s position in the region but also deepen its relationships with two flagship carriers that have historically favored Boeing.

Boeing’s recent challenges, including the fallout from a near-catastrophic accident involving a 737 Max 9 model in early January, have left the company grappling with its reputation and market share. Despite ongoing efforts to improve manufacturing processes and garner support from loyal carriers like Ryanair Holdings, Airbus’s recent triumphs highlight the formidable competition Boeing faces in the aerospace industry.

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