July 13, 2024

Morocco Aims to Become Africa’s Aviation Manufacturing Hub

Moroccan Authorities Pursue Ambitious Plans to Transform Aerospace Industry

photo source: Morocco World News

In a bid to position itself as a key player in the global aviation sector, Moroccan authorities are embarking on an ambitious endeavor to establish the country as Africa’s premier aviation manufacturing hub.

Morocco’s aspirations stem from the recognition of the immense potential within Africa’s aviation industry, which is projected to experience an annual growth rate of 5%, making it one of the fastest-growing sectors on the continent.

To capitalize on this growth, Moroccan officials are actively courting investors and manufacturers seeking to diversify their supply chains across multiple countries. The country is now vying for contracts with major aerospace manufacturers, such as Boeing and Airbus, aiming to accelerate production and meet the soaring demand for aircraft worldwide.

photo source: Business Insider Africa

In a strategic move to bolster its $2 billion-a-year aerospace industry, Morocco has implemented various measures, including subsidies for aircraft manufacturers. These initiatives are designed to support the expansion of Moroccan airlines, including the state-owned Royal Air Maroc.

According to Hamid Abbou, CEO of Royal Air Maroc, Morocco’s aviation sector holds significant potential, particularly in light of the challenges faced by European suppliers in attracting skilled workers. Unlike its European counterparts, Morocco boasts a robust workforce and a conducive environment for aerospace manufacturing.

One notable example of Morocco’s growing prominence in the aerospace industry is its collaboration with Safran Aircraft Engines, a French manufacturer that sends engines for Boeing and Airbus aircraft to a repair plant outside of Casablanca. The country’s aerospace sector now comprises 130 companies, employing 42% women and producing a wide range of components, from wings to fuselages.

Moreover, Morocco has taken a significant step forward by becoming the first country in North Africa and the Middle East to venture into the production of suicide drones, underscoring its position as an emerging leader in the drone manufacturing sector.

The country’s commitment to developing a skilled workforce is evident through initiatives like the Institute for Aeronautics Professionals (IMA) in Casablanca, which provides specialized training for industry professionals.

With the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasting continued growth for Africa’s aviation sector, Morocco’s ambitious plans to become an aviation manufacturing powerhouse are well poised to propel the country to new heights in the global aerospace industry.

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