July 13, 2024

Air Arabia to Expand Fleet to 90 by End-2024

Air Arabia is set to expand its fleet to 90 aircraft by the end of 2024, leveraging leased planes to overcome delivery delays. The Sharjah-based airline is adapting to supply chain and geopolitical challenges, ensuring its growth plans remain on track.

Mr. Adel Ali, CEO of Air Arabia

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Air Arabia, the Sharjah-based budget airline, is on track to expand its fleet to 90 aircraft by the end of 2024, a significant increase aimed at bolstering its operational capacity. Due to supply chain disruptions and geopolitical issues affecting new aircraft deliveries, the airline has opted to lease additional planes to achieve this goal.

CEO Adel Abdullah Ali emphasized that the airline’s expansion plans remain steadfast. “We are determined to continue our growth trajectory regardless of the delays in jet deliveries,” Ali stated in an interview with Gulf News. By leasing more planes, Air Arabia aims to meet the rising demand for air travel and enhance its market presence, ensuring that its ambitious growth targets are met.

Currently, Air Arabia operates a fleet of 68 aircraft, primarily composed of Airbus A320 and A321 models, servicing over 170 routes across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Europe. The decision to lease aircraft reflects the airline’s commitment to its growth strategy despite facing external challenges.

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