July 13, 2024

Emirates Enhances Flight Safety with New Turbulence Tech

Emirates is set to improve flight safety by integrating IATA’s Turbulence Aware Platform with its fleet, enabling pilots to share real-time turbulence data and select safer routes.

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On May 31, 2024, Emirates announced its latest initiative to address turbulence on its flights, revealing that it will integrate the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Turbulence Aware Platform across more than 140 aircraft. This innovative platform, a global real-time information resource, helps pilots mitigate turbulence impacts, ensuring safer flights for passengers. So far, it has benefitted 700 million passengers worldwide.

By integrating IATA’s platform with Lufthansa Systems’ latest Lido mPilot mobile navigation solution, Emirates becomes the first airline to offer pilots the capability to share precise turbulence data, enabling them to select the safest routes. This data will be disseminated throughout Emirates’ extensive network, covering the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and other regions.

Recent turbulence incidents involving Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways have highlighted the importance of managing this in-flight challenge. Turbulence, caused by disrupted airflow such as heavy winds or thunderstorms, can result in brief periods of rumbling and shaking during a flight. Despite the temporary discomfort, aircraft are designed to handle turbulence safely, particularly when passengers keep their seatbelts fastened.

Frederic Leger, IATA’s senior vice president for commercial products and services, emphasized the importance of accurate, real-time data in mitigating turbulence. “The cooperation between IATA Turbulence Aware, Emirates, and Lufthansa Systems will enhance the quality and availability of real-time data, leading to smoother and safer air travel for all,” he stated.

Emphasizing the critical role of precise, real-time data in managing turbulence, IATA’s Senior Vice President for Commercial Products and Services, Frederic Leger, highlighted the significant impact of the partnership between IATA’s Turbulence Aware Platform, Emirates, and Lufthansa Systems. This collaboration is set to greatly enhance the quality and accessibility of turbulence data, allowing pilots to make better-informed decisions. Consequently, it will lead to smoother and safer air travel for passengers worldwide, improving both safety and overall flying experience.

Captain Hassan Alhammadi, divisional senior vice president of flight operations at Emirates, noted that sharing turbulence data will improve industry knowledge and precision in managing evolving weather patterns. “This initiative marks the beginning of our efforts to integrate more advanced technologies, enhancing the flying experience for our customers with smoother journeys,” he added.

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