July 13, 2024

Airline CEOs Sign IATA Charter to Boost Safety Culture

Seventy-three airline CEOs have pledged to enhance aviation safety by signing the IATA Safety Leadership Charter, aiming to integrate safety into every aspect of their operations.


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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced that 73 airline CEOs have committed to the Safety Leadership Charter, a major initiative focused on improving passenger and staff safety across the aviation industry.

IATA, a global trade association for airlines, is dedicated to ensuring safety and efficiency within the aviation sector. Based in Montreal, Canada, IATA organizes several events annually, bringing together airline and airport leaders. The latest Annual General Meeting is currently underway in Dubai.

Earlier today, IATA revealed that 73 airline CEOs have signed the Safety Leadership Charter. This charter, developed in collaboration with global airlines and aviation community members, aims to promote robust safety cultures through eight key principles:

  1. Reinforcing safety through actions and words.
  2. Fostering safety awareness among all employees, leadership, and board members.
  3. Integrating safety into business strategies and performance measures.
  4. Building internal capacity to proactively manage and achieve safety goals.
  5. Creating an atmosphere of trust where employees are encouraged to report safety-related information.
  6. Establishing clear expectations of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.
  7. Ensuring all employees feel responsible for safety.
  8. Regularly assessing and improving organizational safety culture.

According to IATA, 2023 was the safest year on record for the commercial aviation industry, with no fatalities or jet-engine aircraft crashes among its member airlines. However, a turboprop aircraft did crash in Nepal in January, involving Yeti Airlines Flight 691.

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Willie Walsh, IATA’s Director General, emphasized the importance of today’s announcement in reinforcing safety across the industry.

IATA’s strategy for enhancing safety in aviation is built on three pillars: safety leadership, safety risk, and safety connect. The charter aims to foster global safety cultures, identify and mitigate risks through data analysis, and encourage transparency, allowing leaders to openly report and address safety concerns.

This collaborative effort highlights the aviation industry’s ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards for passengers and staff worldwide.

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