July 13, 2024

Virgin Atlantic Shifts Focus to Gatwick and Regional Airports

Virgin Atlantic is shifting focus to Gatwick and regional airports after giving up on a third runway at Heathrow. The airline’s growth plan, VX30, aims to increase revenues by 20% through expanded routes and strategic initiatives.


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Virgin Atlantic, led by CEO Shai Weiss, is considering a return to Gatwick and expanding flights from regional airports like Bristol, as the airline abandons hopes for a third runway at Heathrow. This strategic shift is part of Virgin’s growth plan, VX30, aiming to boost revenues by 20% between 2025 and 2030.

Virgin plans to continue acquiring slots at Heathrow but acknowledges the high cost and unpredictability of this strategy. As part of its expansion, Virgin will focus on its Manchester hub and Virgin Holidays arm. The airline also considers leasing additional aircraft to support new routes from Manchester, Bristol, and potentially reviving services from Glasgow and Belfast.

Despite facing significant debt from the COVID-19 pandemic, Virgin aims for record revenue and a return to positive operating profit this year. The VX30 strategy underscores the airline’s commitment to profitable growth and enhancing passenger experience through collaboration with Virgin Flying Club and Virgin Red rewards club.

Virgin Atlantic’s reevaluation of its expansion strategy highlights the airline’s adaptability in the face of changing circumstances. The VX30 plan, which has yet to be publicly announced, is seen as a comprehensive blueprint to navigate the complex aviation landscape post-pandemic. By focusing on secondary hubs and regional airports, Virgin Atlantic aims to tap into new markets and offer more convenient travel options to its customers, thereby enhancing its competitive edge.

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The return to Gatwick represents a significant move for Virgin Atlantic, which ceased operations there in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gatwick’s CEO, Stewart Wingate, has expressed enthusiasm for Virgin’s potential comeback, indicating strong support for the airline’s expansion plans. Additionally, maintaining ownership of operating slots at Gatwick through an agreement with EasyJet allows Virgin Atlantic the flexibility to re-enter the market when the timing is right, potentially increasing its operational footprint in the UK.

Looking ahead, Virgin Atlantic is not only focusing on increasing flight destinations but also on improving its financial health. The airline’s approach includes considering fresh equity to reduce its debt burden, though this would dilute existing shareholder stakes. As part of its broader strategy, Virgin Holidays and the Virgin Flying Club are expected to play crucial roles in driving customer loyalty and filling aircraft seats. This multi-faceted approach reflects Virgin Atlantic’s commitment to sustainable growth and resilience in the highly competitive aviation industry.

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