July 13, 2024

SJ-100 Begins Certification Flight Tests

Russia’s Yakovlev has started certification flight tests for the SJ-100, a domestic version of the Superjet 100, aiming for 200 flights by next year.


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Russia’s Yakovlev has embarked on the certification flight-testing of its SJ-100 prototype, an import-substituted version of the Superjet 100. The testing is taking place at the Gromov institute near Moscow Zhukovsky airport, marking a significant milestone in the aircraft’s development.

The twinjet carried five crew members on a 2.5-hour flight that assessed 15 different operational modes and tested a domestic fuel system. This initial flight is a crucial step in the SJ-100’s journey towards full certification and commercial use.

The SJ-100 prototype features several Russian-built systems designed to replace foreign components. Despite this, it currently retains the PowerJet SaM146 engines from its predecessor to expedite the test schedule. Future prototypes will be equipped with the Aviadvigatel PD-8 engines, which are intended for serial production aircraft.

Yakovlev’s general director, Andrei Boginsky, has announced ambitious plans to conduct approximately 200 flights by the end of next year. These extensive tests aim to ensure the safety and reliability of the SJ-100 for future passengers.

The interest from a variety of airlines highlights the SJ-100’s potential to serve different operational needs, from regional connectivity to charter and specialized services. This versatility positions Yakovlev’s aircraft as a viable choice for carriers looking to expand their fleet with a modern, efficient, and domestically produced regional jet. As Yakovlev progresses through the certification and testing phases, the robust customer interest serves as a strong foundation for the SJ-100’s future commercial success and market penetration.

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Furthermore, the significant interest in the SJ-100 underscores Yakovlev’s strategic alignment with industry trends towards regional aircraft solutions. With orders spanning diverse geographic regions and operational contexts, Yakovlev is poised to establish the SJ-100 as a reliable and sought-after option in the competitive regional aviation market. As the aircraft continues its development journey, Yakovlev remains committed to delivering on customer expectations and further expanding its foothold in the global aerospace sector.

In addition to its successful maiden flight, the SJ-100 has undergone rigorous ground tests. These tests have assessed the aircraft’s landing gear, cockpit displays, flight-control surfaces, and doors, demonstrating substantial progress in its overall development.

The successful completion of these tests represents a significant achievement for Yakovlev and sets the stage for further advancements. As the SJ-100 moves closer to full certification, the company remains focused on delivering a safe, efficient, and domestically produced aircraft for the global market.

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