July 13, 2024

IndiGo Teams Up with Garuda to Train New Pilots

IndiGo has joined forces with Garuda Aviation Academy to train fresh pilots through its Cadet Pilot Program. This marks the airline’s eighth such partnership in 13 years, aiming to enhance pilot training and connectivity across India.


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In a strategic move to bolster its pilot workforce, IndiGo has partnered with Garuda Aviation Academy to train new pilots under its Cadet Pilot Program. This partnership aims to address the growing demand for skilled aviators in the rapidly expanding aviation market.

This marks IndiGo‘s eighth partnership for its cadet pilot program in 13 years, showcasing the airline’s commitment to developing a skilled pilot pool. By continuously investing in training programs, IndiGo ensures a steady influx of well-trained pilots ready to meet the industry’s demands.

The comprehensive 21-month course includes three months of ground schooling at Garuda’s training center in Gurugram, followed by 12 months of intensive training at 43 Air School in South Africa. This renowned institution has a history of training over 6,000 ab-initio pilots, providing a solid foundation for aspiring aviators.

Over the past 13 years, IndiGo has successfully inducted more than 1,000 pilots through its comprehensive training programs, which include obtaining a commercial pilot license and A320 type rating. This extensive training prepares pilots to handle the responsibilities and challenges of modern aviation.

Captain Ashim Mittra, IndiGo’s Senior Vice President of Flight Operations, emphasized that this initiative aligns with the Government of India’s UDAN mission, which aims to improve connectivity to smaller and medium-sized towns and cities. By supporting this mission, IndiGo contributes to the overall development and accessibility of India’s aviation network.

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Mittra highlighted IndiGo’s focus on the personal and professional growth of its pilots, reinforcing the airline’s commitment to excellence in aviation. He stated, “This initiative not only strengthens our workforce but also enhances our ability to serve more destinations effectively.”

IndiGo’s partnership with Garuda Aviation Academy is a testament to its dedication to maintaining high standards in pilot training. As the airline continues to expand its fleet and routes, having a robust and well-trained pilot workforce becomes increasingly crucial. This collaboration is expected to yield significant benefits for both the airline and the broader aviation industry.

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