July 13, 2024

Shankh Air Set to Launch from Noida International Airport

Shankh Air plans to launch operations from Noida International Airport, aiming to enhance Uttar Pradesh’s air connectivity with strategic routes and full-service amenities.


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Shankh Air‘s plans to establish itself as Uttar Pradesh’s first scheduled airline mark a significant milestone in the region’s aviation sector. With preparations underway pending final approvals from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Chairman Sharvan Kumar Vishwakarma’s recent meeting with Minister Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu underscores the airline’s commitment to launching as a Full-Service Start-Up Airline.

The choice of Noida International Airport as Shankh Air’s main hub is strategic, given its proximity to the planned YEIDA city in Jewar. This location not only facilitates seamless connectivity across Uttar Pradesh but also positions Shankh Air to tap into the growing demand for air travel in the Delhi NCR region. The airport’s development by Zurich International Airport ensures world-class infrastructure, essential for supporting the airline’s operational needs.

Shankh Air plans to initiate services with Boeing 737-800NG aircraft, equipped to deliver a dual-class full-service experience. This includes competitive pricing strategies aimed at making air travel accessible while maintaining high standards of customer service. Initial routes linking Noida to upcoming airports such as Bhogapuram, Pune International, and later Navi Mumbai International Airport, reflect the airline’s ambitious growth trajectory and commitment to enhancing regional connectivity.

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As operations gear up to commence later this year, Shankh Air aims to cater not only to major Uttar Pradesh cities like Lucknow, Varanasi, and Gorakhpur but also to foster economic and social development by facilitating convenient travel options. The strategic positioning of Noida International Airport as a pivotal aviation hub aligns with Shankh Air’s vision to transform air travel accessibility and efficiency in northern India.

In navigating the complexities of launching a new airline amidst regulatory processes and competitive market dynamics, Shankh Air’s proactive approach underscores its readiness to meet the region’s evolving travel needs. This initiative is expected to contribute significantly to Uttar Pradesh’s aviation landscape, fostering economic growth and enhancing connectivity across the state and beyond.

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