July 13, 2024

Chinese Firm Acquires European Flying Car Technology

A Chinese company has purchased the technology behind the AirCar, a European flying car that successfully completed a test flight in 2021. The AirCar, powered by a BMW engine and conventional fuel, took off from a Slovakian airport, flew for 35 minutes, and landed at another airport. Remarkably, it transforms from a car into an aircraft in just over two minutes, utilizing runways for both take-off and landing.

Image Source: Autovisa24

Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Company, headquartered in Cangzhou, has purchased exclusive rights to manufacture and use AirCar aircraft inside an undisclosed area. The firm has built its own airport and flight school after a previous acquisition from another Slovak aircraft manufacturer, said Anton Zajac, cofounder of KleinVision, the company which created AirCar. Having led the way in the development of the EV revolution, China is now actively developing flying transport solutions.

Image Source: www.vut.cz

China, having spearheaded the electric vehicle revolution, is now setting its sights on flying transport solutions. Recently, Autoflight, a Chinese company, tested a passenger drone on a route between Shenzhen and Zhuhai. This trip, which takes three hours by car, was completed in just 20 minutes, although the drone carried no passengers. Moreover, in 2023, Chinese firm eHang received a safety certificate for its electric flying taxi from Chinese authorities. In the UK, the government has indicated that flying taxis could be a common sight by 2028.

There are significant challenges ahead for flying cars, including infrastructure, regulation, and public acceptance. Aviation consultant Steve Wright commented that this new form of personal transport is challenging traditional regulatory frameworks. He noted that Western regulatory history might slow down progress by trying to fit new technologies into old categories, whereas China might use this as an opportunity to advance more quickly.

The success of electric vehicles in China raises the question of whether the country could similarly dominate the flying car market. While prototypes like the AirCar capture the imagination, Wright cautioned that the reality might be more ordinary, involving routine aspects like queues and baggage checks.

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