July 13, 2024

CATL’s 8-Ton Electric Plane to Revolutionize Air Travel

CATL, the world’s largest battery maker, is testing its new Condensed Battery technology with a 4-ton aircraft and plans to power an 8-ton plane by 2028, promising a cleaner and smarter aviation future.

Electric Plane in Flight

Photo Source: www.thecooldown.com

CATL, the global leader in battery manufacturing, is pushing the boundaries of aviation with its groundbreaking Condensed Battery technology. This innovative battery, boasting an energy density of 500 Wh/kg, has successfully powered a 4-ton civil aircraft and promises to revolutionize regional air travel.

CATL’s journey began with small-scale tests, but the recent successful flight of a 4-ton aircraft demonstrates the potential of this high-density battery. The company now aims to power an 8-ton aircraft with a range of 2,000-3,000 km by 2028, showcasing the viability of electric planes for regional routes.

The Condensed Battery technology integrates ultra-high energy density cathode materials, innovative anode materials, and advanced manufacturing processes. It utilizes highly conductive biomimetic condensed state electrolytes to improve lithium-ion transport efficiency and stability. CATL’s CEO, Robin Zeng, emphasizes that these iterative improvements, rather than a single breakthrough, drive the performance of this new battery.

Photo Source: Kr Asia

In addition to aviation, CATL is working on certification and production quality for other applications, including electric vehicles. The company’s vision is to make the aircraft industry “cleaner and smarter” through its innovative battery technology.

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